X Games Betting Odds

The X Games have exploded in popularity over the last 20+ years and the betting market for the X Games is only getting bigger and bigger as those years pass. You can now find X Games betting odds on every event in the X Games, including all BMX, skateboarding, motocross, and mountain bike events in the summer games and snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobile events in Winter X. It’s crazy to think that most of these sports weren’t even classified as sports not too long ago, and now they can all be wagered on at online sportsbooks.

Placing bets on X Games betting odds can be a very lucrative activity if you know what to look for and the intent of this page is to do just that, educate players on what to look for and how to win money betting on these extreme sports. This page will cover how to bet on the games, X Games wager types, and even review the top sportsbooks available to American bettors. Players of all skill levels can benefit from checking this site out so brush up on all of these things to improve your odds of winning big while betting on the X games.

X Games Wager Types

X Games Moneyline Bets – These are the simplest of bets as all you have to do is predict the winner of a given X-games event. So if you feel confident that English skateboarder, Sam Beckett, is going to win the gold on the vert, then all you have to do to place a moneyline bet is bet on him winning.

X Games Prop Bets – Just like prop bets on any other sport, prop bets are essentially side bets on things that don’t have to do with the outcome of an individual event. It’s a bet on something that may or may not happen like whether or not an X Games performer will complete a certain move, or you could even see lines on things like whether or not a certain performer will fall during a given event.

X Games Head-to-Head Bets – Head-to-head bets allow players to focus on their favorite extreme athlete's chances of besting just one opponent instead of the entire field. These bets may decrease the payout possibilities but it adds a unique dynamic to the X Games betting experience.

How To Bet On The X Games

Before you can enjoy the thrill that is betting on the X games, you first must understand how to bet on the X Games. The X Games are similar to the Olympics in a lot of ways and one of those ways is how the betting categories are put together. Most bets in both events are traditional moneylines, so you are simply predicting who will win each X Games event. So for example, you could see Bob Burnquist as the favorite to win Skateboard Big Air with odds of +350. This means that if you bet $100 on him to win gold in that event, you will win $350.

If there is an overwhelming favorite at the X Games, you could see negative odds. So let’s say instead of Burnquist having +350 odds, he has odds of -350, this would drastically decrease your payout because the odds are so far in his favor. With those odds, you would have to bet $350, to win $100.

Other than simply placing moneyline bets, you can also check out the tons of prop bets offered on the X Games at all of the top sportsbooks. You can see X Games betting odds on how many medals a certain athlete will win or predictions for what the most rotations somebody will perform during skateboard vert. These are typically of the over/under variety and are very popular to bet on during the X games. You may even find some head-to-head matchups where two X Games performers are pitted against each other for best trick. The opportunities are endless.

How To Read X Games Odds

Traditionally, the X Games are held in the United States so players are usually looking for American odds when betting on the X Games. American odds point to how much a player will have to bet in order to win $100 and the odds representative number will either have a plus sign or minus sign in front of it. A minus represents the favorite as the lower the odds are, the more likely that person is to win the event. So because American odds are centralized around a $100 bet, just know that if you were to bet $100 on a favorite with odds of -250, then you are risking $250 to win $100. If you bet on an underdog at +250. You are risking the $100 to win $250. It’s pretty simple once you get started at your favorite sportsbook.

Bovada – 100% Bonuses up to $100

The sportsbook at Bovada is the most popular sportsbook in the United States today. Millions of sports fans select Bovada as their outlet for all of their sports gambling needs every year and as those years pass, the clearer their reasons for doing so get. While Bovada does have some great bonus offers, and a variety of excellent betting lines on any sport you can think of, including the X Games, it’s the layout of the page and customer friendly nature of the site that really stands out. Players that have been betting for years and even first timers can sign up for Bovada and immediately know how to place bets on the sport they want to bet on. Everything is perfectly visible and if you have an issue, their customer service department is happy to help as they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These are just a few of the countless reasons as to why X Games fans should totally use Bovada as their source for all of their extreme sports betting needs.

Bovada Sportsbook
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BetOnline – 50% Bonuses up to $2,500

BetOnline is another site that Americans absolutely love to bet at. They have been around for years and have held a reputation for quality work, and excellent variance for the majority of their run as a top sportsbook. As soon as you sign up for the sportsbook at BetOnline you are offered one of the best welcome bonuses in the industry of 25% of your first deposit, all the way up to $2,500. While there is a significant rollover associated with that bonus, it’s worth the benefits you will see when you are finally able to request a payout. You can use that bonus to bet on the many X Games betting odds that they have at BetOnline, whether you are putting a future bet on who will win the most gold medals, or placing a more specific bet on Jamie Bestwick to win skateboard vert gold, you can find it all at BetOnline sportsbook. It’s free to join, and once you deposit some money into your account, you are free to enjoy one of the best betting experiences you will ever have.

BetOnline Sportsbook
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SportsBetting – 75% Bonuses up to $1,000

SportsBetting.ag is owned by BetOnline so if you check out both of their sportsbooks you will notice they look very similar and have a lot of the same features. Regardless of that fact, each of them are two of the best sportsbooks available for players betting on sports, and that includes you X Games fans out there. When using SportsBetting.ag, you will notice some excellent features that make betting on the X Games, even more enjoyable. For example, they offer players the opportunity to bet via their phone through their mobile betting feature, thus making a convenient betting experience even more convenient. They also offer a live betting feature that allows players to bet on sporting events that have already started. The odds obviously are adjusted as time goes on but that is a pretty unique feature that X Games fans will absolutely enjoy. So sign up today and bet on your favorite X Games events at SportsBetting.ag.

SportsBetting Sportsbook
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Top Sportsbooks for Betting on X Games
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